Representative Projects

Redevelopment of Major Portion of San Francisco

Mission Bay Area, San Francisco, California

RPS provides strategic planning and environmental consulting services for Catellus Development Corporation, the developer of the unique and immensely complex mixed-used development within Mission Bay, San Francisco, California. This project entails the redevelopment of over 300 acres of land within the heart of downtown San Francisco.

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Complex Environmental Site Redevelopment

Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman (MEW) Federal Superfund Site, Mountain View, California

RPS has evaluated the suitability of expanding the existing operations of a large software company to areas directly on top of a large Federal Superfund Site in the South Bay of San Francisco. The development involved the demolition of numerous buildings and the construction of multiple two- and three-story buildings, each between 55,000 to 75,000 square feet in size.

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Risk Assessment Support Services

California Utilities, Various Sites throughout California

RPS is providing risk assessment support services for the California Utilities. Our risk assessment support activities have included preparing human health and environmental risk assessments for a wide range of potential land uses, including residential, commercial/industrial, and recreational.

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Mission Critical Environmental Due Diligence

Silicon Valley, California

RPS provides environmental due diligence services for some of the best and brightest of the Silicon Valley tech firms, many of which are in rapid expansion mode. Our work includes completion of ASTM-compliant Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, identification of future risks to occupants of the facilities, and potential environmental liabilities and associated costs.

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Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

Northern and Southern California

RPS remains on the cutting edge for designing and implementing indoor air quality (IAQ) evaluations. RPS's IAQ assessments are being conducted as part of pre-acquisition assessments of industrial properties, ongoing monitoring of high tech office spaces, and support for risk management programs designed by RPS and its clients.

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Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

School District, Southern California

RPS has been providing support to a major southern California School District to evaluate indoor air quality impacts surrounding the use of portable classrooms. The project has included designing a statistically based air-monitoring program to determine the levels of chemicals and molds that may be attributable to the portable classrooms.

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Environmental Support of Redevelopment Aviation Research and Manufacturing Facility

Los Angeles Basin, California

RPS continues to provide environmental support for the redevelopment of a major aircraft manufacturing facility in the Los Angeles Basin bordering Orange County. The redevelopment will lead to the creation of a significant new multiple-use enterprise hub. RPS assists the developers with acquisitions through the use of environmental due diligence, and the assessment of environmental liability and human health risk to future site users.

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BART-MacArthur Transit Village

Oakland, California

RPS developed and implemented a Remedial Action Plan to clean up the site of the future MacArthur Transit Village, a planned mixed-use development featuring approximately 600 units of housing, community, and retail spaces adjacent to the MacArthur BART station in Oakland, California. Site soil and groundwater were contaminated by historical fuel releases from off-site properties.

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Former Kaiser Steel Mill Facility

San Bernardino County, California

RPS provides environmental support for the implementation of requirements of a DTSC Consent Order applicable to a 592-acre portion of the former Kaiser Steel Mill located in San Bernardino County, California. RPS has worked with the property owner and the environmental firm responsible for executing remedial activities required by the Consent Order to ensure that these activities were completed within the term of a $15 million Remediation Stop Loss (RSL) insurance policy.

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Prop. 65 Technical Support

Solar Collection Facilities, Various Sites, California

RPS conducted a human health risk evaluation on behalf of a manufacturer of cadmium telluride thin film photovoltaic cells that included the development of a conceptual site model (CSM) of potential release mechanisms of cadmium and tellurium from the photovoltaic cells, transport mechanisms, and potential human exposure routes over the entire life cycle of the photovoltaic cells, including in small-scale residential and large-scale commercial installations.

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