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Over the past 20 years, Mr. Pelletier has designed and executed hundreds of subsurface investigations, coordinated several emergency response jobs, and worked on fast-track brownfield redevelopment projects with challenging environmental problems.

He assists clients with the development and implementation of numerous remediation programs involving soil excavation, soil vapor extractions, dual-phase extraction, air sparging, bioremediation, phytoremediation, chemical injection, and groundwater pump and treatment. With a focus on practical solutions, Mr. Pelletier works closely with developers, engineers, toxicologists, and regulatory agencies to lead his clients to favorable results.

Representative Projects

Due Diligence, Brownfield Redevelopment, Regulatory Interaction, Remedial Excacation and Site Closure

Central advisory in the redevelopment of a multi-parcel property containing a former slough that was in-filled with asbestos, brick, asphaltic tar, and other materials. Groundwater is impacted from on-Site and off-Site releases of VOCs posing potential vapor intrusion concerns and the Site's proximity to the San Francisco Bay poses a methane gas hazard. Mr. Pelletier identied an unknown historial gasoline release at one of the former UST areas during due diligence activities and is working with San Mateo County GPP to resolve these issues. Site closure is pending for the successful excavation and removal of over 4,000 tons of petroleum-impacted tar-like materials from excavation areas containing asbestos materials in accordance with OSHA and BAAQMD regulations. Developed an agency-approved Redevelopment Risk Management Plan to be implemented during and after construction.

Emergency Response, Site Investigation, Remediation and Indoor Air Monitoring

During demolition of a former semiconductor manufacturing facility, an out of service transformer was accidentally damaged resulting in the release of ~250 gallons of PCE to the shallow subsurface. The release occurred adjacent to a child day care center and in proximity to a high pressure nitrogen line used by various industrial companies in Silicon Valley. Mr. Pelletier served as an integral part of the emergency response activities that included the delineation and excavation of over 3,000 cubic yards of PCE-impacted soils. He also conducted an SVE pilot study, investigated the lateral and vertical extent of soil and groundwater impacts using MIP technology, treated impacted soil and groundwater via phased injections with Regenox, and sampled soil vapor and indoor air quality on a quarterly basis to monitor the sensitive use day care center.

Brownfield Redevelopment, Regulatory Interaction and Remedial Excavation

Assisted in the redevelopment of a former mineral ore facility to a state-of-the-art transportation facility. Investigated and delinated the extent of near-surface lead and DDT impacts in on-Site soil and PCE and petroleum hydrocarbons impacts in groundwater that originated off-Site. Assisted in the characterization of soils for disposal to both hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal facilities.

Regulatory Interaction and Bioremediation

Decommissioned a groundwater pump and treat system at a former adhesive facility that no longer was effective in treating VOCs in groundwater. Worked with the SFBRWQCB and ACWD and developed a bioremediation program. Ten shallow injection wells were installed into first-encountered groundwater to inject food-grade oil to stimulate biological activity and complete degradation of the VOCs in groundwater.

Due Diligence, Regulatory Interaction, Vapor Intrusion Assessments and Site Closure

Conducted a due diligence subsurface investigation at a vacant lot adjacent to two former dry cleaning facilities that was being redeveloped as affordable housing; PCE was found in the underlying groundwater and soil vapor. Enrolled the Site into VCP under DTSC oversight and developed three vapor intrusion health risk assessments (based on varying building designs) to demonstrate that there were no significant risks to future building occupants for the proposed development. Obtained NFA status from the DTSC.

Preliminary Endangerment Assessment, Regulatory Interaction and Site Closure

Conducted a PEA investigation at a research testing facility under DTSC oversight. Groundwater monitoring demonstrated that there was no on-Site contribution to a perchlorate plume that originated off-Site. The extent of PCE in soil vapor was limited in extent; Site closure was obtained based on the investigation results.

Various Subsurface Investigations and Site Closures

Performed hundreds of subsurface investigations relating to soil, gas, and groundwater contaminated properties. Received environmental regulatory closure for various sites from different local and state-wide regulatory agencies based on technical and defendable investigation results.


M.S., Geological Sciences, Northern Illinois University. 1996
B.S., Geological Sciences, Lehigh University. 1994