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Todd Bernhardt, Principal, (510) 834-4747 ext. 26, Download Vcard

Mr. Bernhardt has more than 16 years of experience in environmental consulting, with emphasis on human health risk assessment, site investigation and characterization, vapor intrusion modeling, and toxics regulations compliance.

He has managed or performed multi-pathway risk assessments for numerous properties under both federal and state regulatory programs, including power plant sites, utility service stations, former manufactured gas plants, and naval installations, and has served as the primary client and agency point of contact for all risk-related issues for these properties. In addition, he has completed several consumer product risk assessments for Proposition 65 (California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act) compliance, and he has provided technical support for testimony in toxics-related litigation.

Representative Project Experience

Ongoing Human Health Risk Asdsessment Support for Major Utility Company

Mr. Bernhardt is currently providing ongoing strategic risk assessment support and conducting multi-pathway human health risk assessments for a variety of power plant sites, utility service stations, and former manufactured gas plant sites under the ownership or responsibility of a major utility company. The risk assessment support provided entails evaluations of various chemicals, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, inorganics, petroleum compounds, and volatile organic compounds, for various potential land use scenarios, including residential, commercial/industrial, and recreational. Risk assessments are being completed under the oversight of the California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances Control or Regional Water Quality Control Board, and provide the basis for the development of health-protective remedial strategies.

Former Cast Plate Facility Evaluation and Remediation

Served as the lead human health risk assessment consultant in the preparation of a focused feasibility study and remedial action plan, and notification plan specifically for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for a former cast plate facility. Managed the development of site-specific risk-based screening levels for various chemicals in soil or soil vapor, including PCBs as Aroclor mixtures and dioxin-like congeners, for multiple receptors and exposure pathways. As part of the development of risk-based remediation goals, conducted a series of regression analyses to evaluate the relationship between the results of Aroclor mixture and dioxin-like PCB congener analyses and estimate a formula that could be used to: 1) estimate dioxin toxic equivalent concentrations for samples only analyzed for Aroclors, 2) support (or refine) proposed risk-based remediation goals based on Aroclor concentrations, and 3) support remediation confirmation sampling at a significantly reduced cost.

Consumer Product Risk Assessment

Developed a toxicity screening and prioritization scheme for the development of limiting concentration criteria for a client in the sportswear industry. Chemicals were evaluated in the screening process to identify those with the greatest potential to produce adverse health effects if their presence in client apparel was not in some manner controlled. Limited concentration criteria were then developed for prioritized chemicals based on the anticipated level of exposure and toxicology of the chemical, as represented by threshold dose levels. The resulting limiting concentration criteria have subsequently been used by the client in setting compliance requirements for chemicals used in producing apparel, accessories, and other products.


M.S., Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Duke University. 1996
B.A., Biochemistry, Occidental College. 1993